Solve residential peak demand
with Stash Energy's innovative demand response technology.

50% of residential energy demand comes from heading and cooling. Stash Energy develops smart energy products to help stabilize the grid.

The Stash M1
Home Comfort System

The only heat pump with built-in thermal storage. Shift demand by storing 4 hours of heating load during peak times (base load of 2.0KW).

Our built-in smart thermostat serves as smart grid endpoint and can be controlled using utilities’ grid management software.

Storage and Peak Shifting
with thermal energy storage.

The Stash M1 stores energy for heating and cooling. Our systems allows utilities to store energy during cheap off-peak hours for use during expensive peak hours.

Demand Reduction
Storage Capacity
Storage Capacity 2 Cycles


2 KW

7 KWh

14 KWh


100 KW

0.35 MWh

0.7 MWh


2 MW

7 MWh

14 MWh

Integrate with utility grid management software.
Use our intuitive REST API to manage your storage units.

Our artfully crafted REST API makes it easy to for your grid management system to control Stash storage units on your grid.

Can't use REST? Talk to us about a custom integration.

Reduce draw during peaks
with the Stash M1.

To effectively distribute the load on your grid simply set your units to charge during off peak times and discharge during your most demanding periods.

Competitive mark-up and financing models for new utility revenue streams.

Make the affordable Stash M1 available to your customers.

Initial Markup
5 Year Plan
7 Year Plan
10 Year Plan
Interest Rate






$750 USD

$1350 USD

$1800 USD

$2850 USD

Earn more revenue and solve peak demand.

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