The Stash M1
Comfort System

The worlds most eco-friendly heating and cooling solution.

Stash Energy has developed the only thermal energy storage system that works with heat pump technology.

Our unique 4-in-1 product combines a fancoil-radiator, energy storage, a smart thermostat, and a heat pump to deliver the best heating system for your wallet, your home, and the environment.

Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

They deliver savings to customers and are easy to install.

Thermal Storage Technology

Thermal energy storage systems store energy as heat.

Storage systems allow homeowners to store energy during cheap off-peak hours for use during peak hours when electricity is more expensive.

Smart Thermostat

To manage the Stash M1 Comfort System, Stash has developed a smart thermostat that allows the utility to pre-set specific times or limits when the system may switch to using stored energy.

Using the Stash smart thermostat, customers can set and schedule their temperature setpoints.

The thermostat can be accessed through the Stash mobile app, your computer, or your smart home platforms.

Energy Storage Material

The energy storage material used in the Stash M1 can store up to 48,000 BTU per cycle, which has an electrical equivalent of 7kWh per cycle.

The Stash M1 cycles twice a day, for a total storage capacity of 94,000 BTU or 14kWh.

Each cycles provides 4 hours of cost effective heating for your home.

Energy stored per cycle (heating load)

48,000 BTU

Time to discharge at 100% output - Heating

4 hours

Number of cycles per day


Lifespan of energy storage material

7,000+ cycles

Base load shifting capabilities

2 kW

Save on your heating bill with the Stash M1.

Don’t miss out, you could save up to 70% on your heating bill with the Stash M1.
Compare your current heating system with the data below to see how much you can expect to save.

Up to

Baseboard heating system

Up to

Oil heating system

Up to

ETS heating system

Up to

Traditional heat pump system

Based on the results of the Summerside Project.

Save money on heating and cooling your home.

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