The Stash Energy Heat Pump

Smart Ductless Comfort System

Flexible single-zone heating and air-conditioning for year-round comfort.

Choose the sustainable heating and cooling solution that protects the environment while saving you money.

Year-round comfort

Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Instead of generating heat or air-conditioning, air-source heat pumps like the Stash Energy Heat Pump draw heat from the outside air during the heating season and reject heat outside during the summer cooling season.

Heat pumps are much more efficient than other types of heating and cooling systems like window AC units, heating oil furnaces, or baseboard heaters – and helps you reduce your power bill year-round.

Stash Your Energy with Thermal Energy Storage

Energy storage systems like the Stash Energy Heat Pump allow homeowners to store energy during off-peak hours (like when we are sleeping) for use during peak times (like when we all wake up) when electricity is more expensive for the utility to generate.

Stash Energy will help you get enrolled in your utility’s demand response program or time-of-use rate so you can start saving.

Set It and Forget It

Schedule when you heat or cool your home.

With the Stash smart thermostat and mobile app, set your home's comfort level to fit your schedule.

Without affecting your home's temperature, your electric utility can control the thermal energy stored in the Stash Energy Heat Pump to reduce your on-peak costs when you heat or cool your home.

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Save on Your Heating Bill with Stash Energy

Don’t miss out, you could save up to 70% on your heating bill with the Stash Energy Heat Pump. Compare your current heating system with the data below to see how much you can expect to save.

Up to 70%

Baseboard heating system

Up to 54%

Oil heating system

Up to 48%

ETS heating system

Up to 29%

Traditional heat pump system

Lower Your Small Business' Fixed Costs

With the Stash Energy Heat Pump, businesses can save with utility demand response programs, time-of-use rates, or reduced monthly demand charges. The system even allows you to benefit from your local heat pump and energy efficiency rebate programs.

Stash Energy works with your local electric utility and our local installation partners to maximize how much you can save on your heating and cooling costs.

Keep your customers and employees comfortable year-round without hurting your bottom line with the Stash Energy Heat Pump – the sustainable heating and cooling solution.

Energy Storage Capacity

The energy storage material used in the Stash Energy Heat Pump can store up to 48,000 BTU per cycle, which has an electrical equivalent of 7kWh per cycle. The system cycles twice a day, for a total storage capacity of 94,000 BTU or 14kWh. Each cycle provides 4 hours of cost effective heating for your home.

Energy stored per cycle

48000 BTU

Time to discharge at 100% output

4 hours

Number of cycles per day


Lifespan of energy storage material

7000+ cycles

Load shifting capabilities

2 kW