New CEO Hired for Stash Energy Inc.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Board of Directors of Stash Energy Inc. (Stash) is pleased to announce that Mr. Jamie Davison is the new President & CEO for Stash.

This is following a national search in which Mr. Davison was a clear choice for the startup, as it heads into a significant opportunity providing energy storage solutions for residential and commercial environments, globally.

“Jamie has had an extensive experience that we believe will provide the right balance of growth and opportunity for Stash. We are excited by what Jamie’s capabilities will bring to Stash’s development. The timing is perfect, as the world is waking up to more responsible use of the energy we produce and the need to store energy, be it in electrical or thermal form. Stash is very well positioned to be offering thermal storage products that offset our need for heating during peak power demands, representing a clear part of the solutions we need for offsetting peak power on the grid,” says Chris Mathis, Chair of the Board.

“I have recently been looking at options to work with another business that I felt had great potential and where I could add some value. Stash Energy certainly stood out as a business in a fast-paced sector, with a smart team and smart IP, that has real potential for significant growth. I am excited to see what lies ahead and how far we can collectively take the organization,” says Davison.

STASH ENERGY Inc. is an early-stage company based in Fredericton, NB providing thermal storage solutions that increase the efficiency for heat pumps by having an indoor thermal storage heating register. These systems can offset several hours of electrical heating energy by storing extra, “stashed” heat, reducing the customers’ energy costs, providing GHG avoidance and offering flexibility to utilities on their peak power management. These solutions provide substantial efficiencies in energy and reduced GHGs over traditional electrical or oil furnace heating in homes.