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On becoming a Stash Energy dealer, you will be part of a network of businesses dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to customers and the best in home heating technology.

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Gain Access to the Latest in Heat Pump Technology

Gain access to the latest in heat pump technology by becoming a Stash Energy dealer. Dealers will receive training and instructional material to ensure installations go beyond customer expectations. These will help you better market the world's first heat pump with energy storage.

Dealers will also receive additional benefits along with various promotional materials. All Stash Energy dealers have access to a library of materials that we use to demonstrate the benefits of our systems and inform our customers how to make the most of their Stash Energy Heat Pump. Becoming a Stash Energy Dealer will prove to your customers that you are an expert in the air conditioning industry and offer the best in new heat pump technology.

What We Provide Dealers

Marketing materials library

Online training and service aids

Listing on the Stash Energy contractor locator

Consumer sales leads generated from the Stash Energy website

Priority Technical Support

Who We Are

Founded in 2016 in New Brunswick, Canada, Stash Energy has developed the first mini-split heat pump with built-in thermal energy storage. Our system will save you more money and reduce your emissions more than any other heat pump or air-conditioner on the market. We're working to make our system available to customers in North America and Europe.

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What is the Stash Energy Mini-Split Heat Pump

The Stash Energy Heat Pump is the first ductless air-to-air mini-split heat pump with built-in thermal energy storage. With this technology, utilities can discharge a distributed network of stored energy to address peak electricity demand associated with space heating and air-conditioning. The combined efficiency and peak shifting abilities of the Stash Energy Heat Pump creates an unmatched opportunity for our customers to save on their energy bill and reduce their emissions from heating and air conditioning.

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