Career Opportunities: President & CEO

The Board of Directors for Stash Energy Inc. are pleased to post this opportunity for President and CEO.

Stash Energy Inc. is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Stash is the leading producer of residential thermal energy storage solutions, and related SmartGrid enabled services. The Stash product is the only thermal battery for heat pumps which reduces the cost of power by storing energy. This offsets power draw for heating and can be managed where higher rates are charged, or grid power is not available. Further efficiencies occur when cheap, clean power such as wind or solar is underutilized. This helps our planet by reducing carbon emissions from utilities when covering peak power demands with carbon-based power purchasing and enables the growth of renewable power generation as part of Grid distributed power management.

A start-up with a vision to scale globally, Stash is now investing in its leadership to scale our company and increase growth through expanding sales and securing investment. Join an exciting work environment and help build the future of sustainable energy.

The Stash Energy President and Chief Executive Officer will lead, supervise, and control all strategic and business aspects of the corporation. Primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, giving strategic direction as well as creating a vision for success, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, acting as the main point of communication between the Board of Directors and corporate operations and being the public face of the company. The President and Chief Executive Officer is selected by the Board of Directors.

The ideal candidate is an experienced executive, preferably with some experience in the energy sector, and has successfully raised VC funding and grown a product and/or technology-based company previously. The candidate excels in disruptive domains, is an excellent communicator with the ability to be a persuasive consensus builder, is results-oriented using evidence-based decision making and believes in fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The successful applicant will be strategic in all respects and is a team builder who can optimize resources and unite a team under a common, shared vision. The candidate has a strong sense of accountability and believes in building a positive culture of ownership in his/her teams.

Responsibilities of the CEO:
• Ensures reporting to the Board at each quarterly Board meeting per year, minimum, regarding:
o Activity overview, Partnerships, Revenue updates and revised projections,
o Financial records, customer experience reviews, staff changes, successes, and issues
• Develops strategies and plans, ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives
• Advocates for and promotes the organization
• Supports and motivates employees in delivery of operations
• Oversees fundraising planning and implementation
• Assures the organization and its mission, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to the public and relevant stakeholders
• Fully assumes responsibility for investor and stakeholder reporting
• Oversees all operations to ensure results are consistent with the overall strategy and mission
• Enforces legal guidelines and in-house policies to assure the company's legality and business ethics
• Establishes a yearly budget for Board approval and manages Stash resources effectively and efficiently
• Works with staff to develop plans, services, ensures implementation, contract delivery
• Responsible for the human resources according to policies and procedures that conform to current laws and regulations, including hiring and termination of staff
• Builds relationships with key partners and stakeholders
• Analyzes problematic situations, providing solutions to ensure company survival and growth
• Assists in the recruitment and evaluation of potential Board members

Position Requirements

Knowledge and Abilities
• A broad knowledge of sustainable energy, energy storage solutions and has some perspective concerning the current trends, opportunities and changes in the energy sector
• A strong understanding of corporate finance
• Knowledge of good corporate governance and general management best practices
• Analytical abilities and problem-solving skills
• An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills
• As a minimum has a technical background and previous venture backed CEO experience

• Experience as a CEO or COO
• Experience in developing strategies and implementing a vision
• Experience working with government agencies and other NGOs
• Demonstrated decision making skills in complex situations
• Judgement in areas of high public or corporate visibility

Communication Skills
• Excellent written and oral communication including public speaking skills
• Ability to converse in French is an asset.

A comprehensive compensation and benefits package is provided.

Application deadline: 2021-05-30
Expected start date: 2021-07-01
Job Type: Permanent
Annual Salary commensurate with experience
Benefits: Options, Health insurance

If interested, please submit your CV and introduction to HR@stash.Energy