We all have a contribution.
Let’s better the state of our world.

Climate change is the single biggest issue facing our planet.
Put simply, the way we use energy is the problem.
We provide an easy way for you to take action today.

We envision a future where doing the right thing is easy.

We only make practical and affordable solutions, so you can be confident that you have made not only a responsible choice, but one that will save you money.

It is Stash Energy’s mission to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly, and convenient solutions for renewable and clean energy sources.




We want to make a lasting positive impact by developing energy storage technology.

We are passionate about energy storage because we know it can fundamentally improve the way energy is generated, delivered and consumed.

  • Energy storage provides a solution to many of the problems utility companies face; such as meeting energy demands at peak times.
  • Clean renewable energy sources can only generate energy under certain conditions. Functional and affordable energy storage is necessary to make these sources viable on a large scale.
  • Energy stored can be used to restore electricity in areas affected by power outages thereby saving money and potentially saving lives.

Our Contribution.

Through many iterations and prototypes Stash Energy has developed the most eco-friendly heating and cooling system on the market. Stash Energy will launch their product, the Stash M1 Comfort System, in early 2019.

Check out the follow the link below for more information on how much you could be saving with the Stash M1.

We believe in
humanity, technology, and responsibility.

We help people by providing high quality, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy solutions for our customers, so we all can make responsible choices at no personal risk.

We support the interest of all that are involved across the chain, including our employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and communities.

We are innovators at heart. We develop new exciting technology in the energy sector and make it available, affordable, and convenient for our customers.

We are environmentally friendly in and out. We vet everything from the materials we use in our products, to our office microwave to ensure they adhere to our strict environmental standards.

Meet the Stash Energy Team.

Jordan Kennie
Chief Executive Officer

Jordan leads the business development, corporate/business strategy and financial management aspects of the Company. Jordan received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and has successfully completed his Masters of Engineering in UNB’s Technology Management and Entrepreneurship Program. Jordan also participated in the Summer Institute Accelerator Program at UNB and in 2017 received the Startup Canada Young Entrepreneur Award. Jordan has previous experience as Teaching Assistant at UNB and managerial position with Cineplex Entertainment.

Daniel Larsen
Chief Product Officer

Daniel Larsen (B.Sc. EE, MEng Entrepreneurship) is passionate about using technology to benefit communities. Combining this passion with a love for electricity and energy optimization, he co-founded Stash Energy to bring the benefits of renewable generation and energy storage to homeowners.

Erik Hatfield
Chief Technology Officer

Erik Hatfield specializes in leading positive change through innovation and inspiration. With Stash Energy he has co-developed and guided the Stash team in the technical development of the first heat pump which reduces the cost of power by storing heat when cheap, renewable power is readily available. Responsibilities for this role included leadership, design, team building, customer research, engineering, research with universities, and development with manufacturers. Erik uses this experience and the knowledge from the great team that surrounds him to expand on his formal education including a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and a master degree in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of New Brunswick.

Mahmoud Rajablu
Chief Operating Officer

Mahmoud is responsible for the company operations and revenue generation. Mahmoud Rajablu is a global business leader, author and researcher with over 20 years of on-site innovative leadership in Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Mahmoud has extensive experience in international business, business strategy, and organizational transformation. As a leader strategist, Mahmoud has launched global startups and served blue-chip firms, governments and international organizations including ATCO Group, Cyberset, GTR Group, IHS, IDLO, CKP, and the World Bank, and has participated in Global Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Missions. Mahmoud is also specialized in executive education and research-based corporate custom programs; he has developed variety of courses and taught at a number of international business schools. Mahmoud has received his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the Multimedia University, and Master of Business Administration from Kurt Bösch University, where he specialized in strategic management.

Dan Curwin
Director of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs

As Director of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs, Dan is responsible for market research, outreach to utility and government partners, and generating communications content. Dan joins Stash after three years at the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government where he worked as a policy analyst and as an environmental officer. Prior to working in government, he taught English in South Korea and worked in a supervisory role for a local at-risk youth focused non-profit in Moncton, New Brunswick. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in political science from Saint Mary’s University, a Specialization Certificate in Public Sector Management from the University of Victoria, and is currently a Master of Arts student with a focus on energy and natural resources.

Joshua Smith
Lead Software Developer

Joshua Smith is an enthusiastic software developer who loves to code. More than that, he loves solving problems and getting reactions from people. His passion and goal is to help people be healthier, happier, and more efficient through the use of software. Having experience in healthcare, real estate, and social media, he has joined Stash Energy to use his skills to create unique customer applications. When not coding, Joshua enjoys traveling, learning Spanish, and playing guitar.